I recently attended the 2018 International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) Symposium in Auckland. The main theme of these meetings was Autologous Fat Transfer to the breasts and I had the opportunity to present my results from the last five years. Also presenting at the meeting was Dr Emmanuel Delay from Lyon in France. The main points to come from the meeting were as follows:

When performed expertly, fat grafting to the breasts works extremely well.

The fat grafting procedure stimulates new blood vessel growth (neovascularisation) and causes stem cell differentiation. Both of these factors act to maintain and boost the volume effect of fat grafting.

In France, their technique of hybrid (or composite) breast augmentation has now replaced the use of anatomical or polyurethane implants.

Hybrid breast augmentation adds considerably to the result of breast augmentation for almost every patient, but it is especially useful for tuberous breasts, for asymmetry, for bony breasts and to prevent rippling.

Breast attractiveness depends more on cleavage than size.

Autologous Fat Transfer is also an excellent technique for breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Best results are obtained by a staged approach.

Because of the potential for growth of the fat graft, in France they use the phrase “Grow your own breast implants”.

In France they have done over 3,500.00 “lipo modelling” procedures to the breast and they have confirmed that it is safe and effective.

In reviewing the cases of fat transfer to the breast after partial mastectomy rate of breast cancer was only 2% whereas a recurrence rate of 10% would normally be expected. This is preliminary evidence that fat transfer to the breast has an anti-cancer effect.

At Fat Transfer Australia we are proud to have pioneered fat transfer to the breasts in Australia. We have developed our own technique with proven results. We have a team of excellent experienced surgeons as well as nursing staff, all of whom are dedicated to assuring that you obtain an excellent outcome from your procedure. We can advise you whether you are best suited to fat grafting on its own, a breast implant on its own or a hybrid (Composite) procedure.

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