Fat transfer to the breasts is an all-natural, organic way to improve your breast size and shape. The fat can be grafted strategically into the cleavage and upper pole in order to boost these areas. A great deal of research and development work has been done in recent years to ensure the fat cells that are grafted actually survive and grow in the breasts. Our aim is to have the grafted fat become incorporated into the breast and become part of the breast fatty tissue. Once it does this, it can be expected to last forever.

It is important to realise that when we gain weight, fat cells increase in size, not in number. Similarly, when we lose weight, fat cells decrease in size. This means that if you gain weight after your fat transfer procedure, you can expect your breasts to increase in size as the individual fat cells become larger. Because you have an increased number of fat cells in your breasts following the fat transfer procedure, it becomes much easier for your breasts to increase in size with even a very small weight increase.

The beauty of fat transfer to the breasts is that fat is removed from stubborn, unwanted areas such as the abdomen, hips and thighs and, after preparation, transferred into the breasts. This means there are now fewer fat cells in the donor sites and a greatly increased numbers of fat cells in the breasts. So even with a very modest weight gain you can expect your breasts to increase in size far more than the donor areas.

Of course, if you were to lose a significant amount of weight following the fat transfer procedure, you could expect your breast volume to decrease. This is because both your normal breast fat cells and the grafted fat cells will diminish in size.

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