The Medical Director of FTA, Dr Allan Kalus, recently returned from a trip to Israel where he visited a High Tech Bio Engineering company called COLLPLANT.

Scientists at this company have identified the genes responsible for the different types of human collagen. These genes have been artificially manufactured and inserted into the genome of tobacco plants. The tobacco plants are then grown in controlled conditions and it is able to extract the human collagen from these tobacco plants.

The company are currently investigating uses for their synthetic human collagen. They already have FDA approval to inject their collagen into the elbow for the treatment of tennis elbow.

The scientists at Collplant have discovered that the human collagen forms a matrix which encourages the ingrowth of blood vessels and therefore supports tissue healing.

The scientists at Collplant and Dr Kalus discussed the possibility of using synthetic human collagen as a matrix for fat cells to enhance fat cell survival and longevity.

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